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The Medico-legal expertise at The Hearing Practice is carried out by Fiona Bateson, who is engaged by many large Solicitor practices as a valuable specialist resource.

Fiona is a recognised Medico-legal Expert Witness in her field and is regularly requested to report to Medico-legal and Solicitors practices.

Tinnitus or occupational deafness may be the result of noise induced hearing loss, blast or trauma injuries and although may cause only a minor impairment this may have a severe impact on ones quality of life and as well as reporting for the purposes of quantum we also offer treatments to those affected by the consequences of the impairment.

Our extensive experience in this field ensures a first class service to your solicitors.

Medico-legal services provided by the Practice
  • Report for Quantum only: Reports based on review of medical evidence alone.
  • Consultation & Report: Assessment of the patient, with a review of medical records and final reports for the Court.
  • Hearing Aid Benefit Evaluation: Consultation, assessment and hearing aid/tinnitus treatment with outcome/benefit report.
  • Appearance at Court as an Expert Witness as requested.
  • Rehabilitation and treatments for hearing loss/partial hearing loss and Tinnitus
Fiona Bateson and Giles Whiley

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