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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects a great number of people all around the world, infact research has shown that as many as one in seven of us are affected by hearing loss and one in 10 could be helped by wearing a hearing instrument.

When hearing starts to deteriorate the biggest impact it has is on your quality of life.

This may not be immediately noticeable with a minor loss but even a minor loss can effect your self esteem, family relationships and your independence and security.

Some of the first signs to look out for are misunderstanding conversation, difficulty in understanding speech in noisy places, listening to TV/Radio louder than family & friends, sensitivity to loud noises or constant ringing or unexplained noises in the ears.

Reports show that when people wear hearing instruments there are improvements to their quality of life. Some of those benefits reported are:
  • Better relationships with their families
  • Better feelings about themselves / higher self-esteem
  • Improved mental health
  • Greater independence and security